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Syngergistic Business Solutions Group

Do any of these thoughts seem familiar?

  • "My current financial situation is frustrating! Business seems good, but there's never enough money in the bank."

  • "I want to grow my company, but I need help with management, training, improving efficiency and financing."

  • "I want to increase my company's profitability."

  • "Business is great! Now I want more spare time, but I don't want to shut down the company when I'm not here."
If so, you may be interested in talking to us.

Synergistic Business Solutions Group (SBSG)
offers small to mid-sized companies professional financial services at affordable prices. We specialize in Rent-a-CFO, accounting systems selection and tailoring, business formation services, streamlined business processes, and management team development, to mention a few.

At SBSG, we want to help you to achieve your goals. Because we recognize the essential role historical information plays in the life of your small business, we start by taking a "backwards look" at the business systems you currently have in place to figure out where you've been. After a rigorous appraisal of the efforts and costs of the journey, we'll then work with you to determine where it is you want to be going.

The process may be very eye-opening, and it will definitely be rational and objective!

Don't wait! Contact us today for a consultation (first hour is free) and let us help you reach your goals.

Did you know?

Small businesses have only a 36% survivability after five years if their financial statements are reviewed by business owners just once a year. (click on graph to learn more)

Only 2.5% of small businesses with poor accounting records survive the first five years. (click on graph to learn more) And then???

Don't become a statistic.

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